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club de pesca Map

Interactive map of Club de Pesca, get to know the most important and interesting areas for visitors.
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Places of interest

• Marine Sport:
Boat & Fishing supplies:Located just outside de marina, one of the corners op- posite side of the park half a block from the gate.

• Todomar Store:
Boat supplies:Located just outside de marina, opposite side of the park half way of the first block of street parallel to the sea.

• Carulla Grocery Store:
There are two of them nearby. First one and the smallest one is two blocks away, walking long side the park until you meet calle real. Second one and largest one is five blocks away. Import goods are available here. Walk four blocks I the street parallel to the sea until you meet Club Nautico, the turn left two blocks, at your left hand.

Pizzerias, Sushi bars and others:
There are several options to eat along way the street runs parallel to the sea.



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